Running Skirts?

Last week during the Sunday half-marathon training run, the coach chatted with us about running skirts.

It seems, running in a skirt is the latest thing, and something she highly recommends, especially for long runs.

She demonstrated the “go off the trail, pretend you are stretching while what you really are doing is peeing” move that she says is a vital skill during long races.

In fact, during last year’s trail half-marathon, I do remember envying the men who blithely freed themselves from their shorts and  started peeing against a tree, not even bothering to hide what they were doing, often only a few feet from the trail.

I’m getting me one of those skirts, but I think I’ll need to practice the “pretending to do lunges” maneuver, and I assume one wears a g-string of sorts under the skirt?

15 responses to “Running Skirts?

  1. You assume wrong. Go Commando. Just don’t fall!

    This is where a Go-Go-Gadget Tent would be a perfect hideaway.

  2. Most skirts come with built in shorts, so I’m really not sure how this peeing lunge works. Does the coach pee through the shorts beneath?

    On a related note, I recently wrote about a running dress – would you were that?

  3. JC: no g string eh? So they really are like skorts? So you’re right, runshorts: how DOES she pee??

    I’ll look at your blog to see about a running dress: that sounds intriguing!

  4. I’m still trying to figure out which one to buy: some come with boy panties underneath; others with more like French cut panties. Others are longer and come with long, tight compression shorts underneath—-the possibilities seem to be endless! Just look at (pics AND a video!).

    But yes, Ink, I’ll give a review at some point. At today’s run, I counted at least 10 women (out of 50something) with various versions of running skirts….(and it was only around 40 degrees out when we began—brrrrr!).

  5. Whaaaaatttt?

    Running seems a lot more complicated than I remember it, if there are special skirts for girl peeing involved.

    Maybe you need one of those gadgets that allow women to pee standing up — just slip it under your running skirt, pee on the tree, stick it back in your pocket (fanny pack?) and you’re off!

  6. Yep, BS Girl, running has evolved along with its popularity (half of all half marathoners are now women–more than half in some cities like mine). Even Lululemon has a running skort called “Velocity”!

    I’ve heard of those gadgets, actually! They are usually used when hiking, though—but heck maybe not a bad idea on long runs, too??

  7. I love my running skirts, but I’m totally baffled by the idea of them being more liberating for a quick pee.

  8. Thanks for that confirmation, Profgrrl! Even the ones with briefs attached instead of longer shorts would require you to move stuff out of the way for the duration of the lunge, so to speak! I need to get this coach to do a demonstration;-)

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  11. Don’t tell anyone, but I cut out the briefs in the running skirt and go commando. It’s a necessity for my bladder after 3 kids. It’s much easier to sneak off trail and pee without having to deal with shorts and panties. I haven’t fell down yet either! 🙂

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