“Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner”

  I interrupt this Hiatus with this brief bloggy update, aka Random, Amusingly [well, to me] Related Bullets of….. Summer:

1. Yes, it’s finally summer, after the coldest, wettest spring in Pacific Northwest history (or 117 years).

2. A good friend of mine, who retired last year, is rereading Middlemarch. Sudden recognition that I do not have time to reread Middlemarch, despite having the next 2.5 months “off” from teaching.

3. Related to #2 above, finally visited my physician for both my annual and to see if she could figure out why my foot has been swollen for 2 months (two xrays and visits to “specialists” led to nothing). Three results of interest: one, I am not in the midst of menopause despite a variety of symptoms, highlighting the fact that I have many years to go before I can reread Middlemarch; and two, a bone scan reveals I have a stress fracture of one of those metatarsal bones. And three: I am vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D?  Oh, yes, lack of sun. Got it. See #1 above. Soon to be cured: see #4 below.

So the walking and spurts of running I’ve been doing over the last few weeks, with the encouragement of those doctors who found nothing wrong with me, have not been exactly helpful to the healing process.

4. Related to #3 above, I started taking Deep Water Running classes at the gym last week.  I’ve only tried a few classes yet have discovered that with the exception of another 40 something professional, athletic woman with a foot injury, most of the participants have plenty of time for rereading Middlemarch.   And while I push myself to get my heart rate up (sometimes it works), for the most part, I’m still in the stiffling giggles stage: Despite the name, the classes are basically aerobics in the water, but everyone is wearing hats and sunglasses instead of leg warmers and leotards.  I just can’t help thinking of those scenes in Dirty Dancing (remember, 1986ish?) at Kellerman’s in the Catskills where the women do aerobics by the pool.

And interestingly, the instructors always play music from Dirty Dancing.  Which just makes me laugh more.

13 responses to ““Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner”

  1. A stress fracture? OW! (((((((Annie))))))

    Can I tell you how excited I was to see a new post by you? HERKY HERKY HERKY!

    Have really been missing you!

    LMAO on the Dirty Dancing class…go, Baby!

  2. Oh, Ink, how fun it would have been to be there with someone else who would laugh with me about Dirty Dancing!

    But I truly have nerve mocking this class: I woke up this morning with many a muscle moaning;-)

  3. Soon, you’ll be doing The Lift in the pool!

    Don’t go carrying watermelons around with that foot problem.

    I know you are having The Time of Your Life.

    I’ve been waiting for so long…..Welcome back Annie!

  4. Annie, think of how many extra calories we’d burn with all the giggling! 😉

    “Time of Your Life,” JC? You are so good.

  5. You two are fabulous, simply fabulous!

    And remember this age advice ladies: God wouldn’t have given you maracas if He didn’t want you to shake ’em.

    Time for Baby to go back to her playpen.

  6. And how did Swayze’s character respond to Baby’s blunt question? Something to the effect that women used him?

    Really, that movie had some great lines;-)

  7. Last month I was eating jujubees to stay alive, this month the women are stuffin diamonds in my pockets.

    I have the DVD in my player permanently, since I hate teevee so much. I play DVDs in the background constantly. I know every line to alot of classics (last week, I was on a Footloose kick). I need to be locked up.

  8. And you have the perfect riposte for those who try to crowd you: “This is my dance space. This is your dance space.”

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