It MUST Be A Class Assignment

Suddenly, MANY dozens of people are visiting my humble blog and finding me through a search for “Debra Winger” or “Richard Gere” or “An Officer and a Gentleman” or some combination of the above (with a lovely variety of creative spellings).

This happened after I posted the e.e. cummings-like poem many moons ago, too.

I get the cummings-related visits (heck, I, too,  wrote a paper on “anyone lives in a pretty how town” when I was in college), but what’s with the sudden interest in Winger, Gere and Officer? What paper topic could be generating the hits? Something like this, perhaps?

  • Write an essay evaluating the class dynamics, dialogue and sex scenes in this film in contrast to  the same elements in Pretty Women or Urban Cowboy?

Or, and this I fear, is someone actually thinking of remaking the film?

in Just

[with apologies to e.e. cummings]


in Just
finals week      when the campus is snow-
luscious the stressed out students

cry and heave     far     and    wee

and tiffanyandryan come
straggling into my office with
deadgrandmother and lostthumbdrive stories and it’s
finals week

when the campus is drunk-wonderful (on thoughts of spring break)

the joy-less
professor down the hall drones at me
far    and  wee
and brittanyandchase come stoned to the final

from snowboardingandpartying and

joy-less droning

professordownthehall  whines, yet again,
“Can I have a minute of your time, Annie Em?”