Running Music Suggestions?

Recently in More magazine (geared to women over 40—I read it at the gym), there was an article on those women over 40 who are athletic and muscular, including Holly Hunter, Madonna and, oddly, Sarah Jessica Parker (who seems too thin to be “muscular” in my book, but, whatever).  It seems that women over 40 who follow strict diets and workout routines have more pronounced muscles for various hormonal/aging reasons.  Thus Guy Ritchie’s now infamous criticism of his ex.

That is so NOT me.

But I do run—a lot–albeit not so fast (I also eat and drink a lot, to, you know, mitigate the too-muscular affect). And since I do run 40+ miles most weeks, I need a lot of music. 

So, my plea to you all this week is: can you recommend any running music for my Ipod? Below is a sample of the sort of music I like. Let’s just say my tastes run to pop/rock, but I’m open to new sounds.

Rock Lobster: B52s

Stay the Night: Chicago

You Know I’m No Good: Amy Winehouse

Cell Block Tango: Bebe Neuwirth and Co

Funky Ceili: Black 47

Philadelphia Freedom: Elton John

My Confession: Curtis Salgado

Late in the Evening: Simon and Garfunkel

I Want You to Leave: Pink

Drunk Daddy: Cherry Poppin’ Daddy

And When I Die: Laura Nyro

I Wanna Be Sedated/Ramones

Paradise By the Dashboard Light: Meatloaf

Hey Ya: Orleans

Essence: Lucinda Williams

Running on Empty: Jackson Browne

All I Wanna Do: Sheryl Crow

Jackson: Johnny Cash and June Carter

These are the Days: 10000 Maniacs