We’re Only Human

“What passes for hip cynical transcendence of sentiment is really some kind of fear of being really human, since to be really human … is probably to be unavoidably sentimental and naïve and goo-prone and generally pathetic.”

— David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

Not only does this quote remind me of my great failure this summer to actually complete Wallace’s uber-novel, it also reflects my state of mind this week, not a state of mind that makes me feel anything close to inner peace, to put it mildly: I’m hoping to cure myself, at least momentarily, with a weekend of sleep, generous sips of whiskey, and mindless dvd viewing of Weeds or The Tudors (or whatever Netflix deigns to send me with their damned “very long wait” fatalism) in between bouts of grading.


6 responses to “We’re Only Human

  1. I am sooooo with you sister! I got a stack of DVDs, I fluffed my bean bag and washed my furry blanky, and chocolate cupcakes are in the oven. This week has been packing hell (I’m moving for a new job), throwing shit out, cleaning, and finishing two papers. My body needs a break.

  2. Oh, the furry blanket! I have several of those since the cats tend to love them, too. Good luck, and good move, JC: it IS a good move, right?

    Enjoy your DVDs, and cin cin!

  3. It’s actually 2 moves in different directions. One for a few months of training, then another move to my new place which I hope hope hope is permanent finally for maude’s sake. I’m happy with the job and new boss. Definitely what I was looking for. *squee*

    I ate all. the. cupcakes. Taking down curtains and cleaning a ceiling fan is exhausting. I burned the calories off for sure. My neck is killing me.

  4. Annie, I hope that you have whiskeyed and DVDed your tattered soul back into comfort state. HUGS!

    And JC, congrats on the new job! And good luck with moving…

  5. Good luck, JC! Moving can be stressful, new jobs moreso, but heck, it’s also exciting (and you can eat as many cupcakes as you want;-)

    Thanks, Inky. Feel better already since I ran this morning (I’ve had a knee thing going on for a few weeks, so haven’t been running much). Still have tons of crap to deal with this weekend, but right now, feel good. Thanks for the hugs, tho: always wonderful!

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