Gonna Fly (and apologize) Now

Woke up to a sunny, almost spring like day in Philadelphia, and went for a little run.  Ran to the museum (there’s the Rocky statue), then through Fairmount Park along the Schuylkill River Trail for a few more miles (if you were there, I was the one smiling tourist-like at all of the amusing statues along the way, and saying “good morning” to the other runners, who either smiled back or looked at me oddly).  Did you know you could run all the way to Valley Forge along that trail (20 miles)?  Maybe next time….

Then I treated myself to 2 scoops of ice cream (cookie dough and peanut butter swirl): really, it’s that warm outside (in the sunshine).

I”m now at the Convention Center picking up my plastic badge holder and using the free (and fast) wi-fi along with about 30 or more others dressed in various shades of black, just as I am, and I must use this opportunity to apologize to Rosemary Feal and all those Twitter fans who I believe were annoyed at my previous Twitter-doubting post of just a few days ago.  Clearly, it’s easier, faster and actually a little fun to post status updates while traveling. My FB friends are loving those quick updates  if we can go by the comments already posted there  (a lifelong dream to visit Philly? why did you get boring cookie dough? where is the picture of YOU with Rocky).  And for those that don’t know: status updates are pretty much the same as tweets (though I can go on longer than 140 characters, thankfully). 

Blog posts, however, just take longer to compose, and really, I haven’t said all that much more.

4 responses to “Gonna Fly (and apologize) Now

  1. What’s with the tape and barriers around Rocky? He looks like he’s back in the ring!

  2. Ha! That’s exactly the thought I had, but then a crowd of young boys all jumped in and started boxing with “Rocky” and yep, I’m thinking it’s some land maintenance person’s idea of a joke!

    And yes, the plan for tomorrow is to eat a Philly Cheesesteak, “with”;-)

  3. “along with about 30 or more others dressed in various shades of black, just as I am” LMAO! And me, too! Even though I’m not there…because black is always the new black.

    I didn’t think your post sounded annoyed, fwiw.

  4. Today I wore grey patterned tights with my black dress and boots so I think I was actually quite colorful.

    But I’d be neglectful if I didn’t say that there are really SEVERAL folks here who have a brighter colored wardrobe than I do: they are simply just braver than I am, or they live nearby!

    Meanwhile, Rosemary has had DOZENS of tweets to my measely few posts: really, Twitter (and an internet capable phone)(is the must have accessory for next year’s MLA;-)

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