Poem in your Pocket Day!




Be part of “Poem in Your Pocket Day” on Thursday April 30th: Carry a poem in your pocket to hand out…





The Academy of American Poets has a webpage with links to poems to place in your pocket. 

Here’s an odd mix of my favorites (from various websites):

·         If the World Was Crazy/Shel Silverstein

·         What Do Women Want/Kim Addonizio

·         Somewhere I have never travelled, gladly beyond/e.e. cummings

·         Zero/George Bilgere

·         In Praise of Joe/Marge Piercy

·         Linguini and Lovin’/Diane Lockward

·         Living in Sin/Adrienne Rich

·         Homage to My Hips/Lucille Clifton

·         Today/Billy Collins

·         My Methodist Grandmother Said/Mary Mackey

·         A Girl in Milwaukee and a Girl in Brooklyn/Matt Cook

4 responses to “Poem in your Pocket Day!

  1. Oh, you beat me! I was going to do this tomorrow, too. Well, I think instead I’ll just go read your favorite pocket poems in the list. Thanks for posting them!

  2. Hi Wiggs! I agree: I gave out copies of the Silverstein poem in class today, and the students were grinning wildly despite the pressure of midterms. It was quite fun.

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