Chocolate Kindle Cover

It’s beautiful: I received it yesterday, and it’s simply beautiful.

Of course, my actual KINDLE hasn’t arrived yet, but the cover, it’s beautiful.

And tonight I saw a Kindle commercial on tv.  Ha. Funny, right?  I’m in some sort of virtual LINE for a Kindle, a wait list, with no clear shipping date in sight (unless I believe the website’s vague mid-September). 

In more technology-updating news, I’m waiting, patiently, for the new Ipod ITouch that is due out this September according to the rumor mill (and historical trends). I was at an Apple store today and the sale’s geeks all put on their innocent faces and said, What new Ipod Itouch? I know nothing about that! 

Oh, you young men working for Apple: What liars thou art!

Meanwhile, no Kindle, no Touch. I’m in a new-technology desert.

I want a margarita and I want it now: anything, to quench my thirst.  There must be an app for that?

Forthcoming, February 2010

As I whined about a few days, I am in the midst of grading.  I have 18 papers left, and, dear reader, my eyes literally hurt. My fingers are numb. My brain has rebelled. The essays are mostly fine, so at least I don’t have constant ogida.  The stress is mostly all of the other stuff I need to do (finish writing several projects; lecture/class prep; search committee business; working on my college’s blog–I’m an editor–etc etc etc).

I did manage to do other things this weekend (a department gathering at a local pub; running both mornings; chores; lunch with the hubby at yet another local pub).

So, this is a placeholder posting, identifying more for myself than for anyone else what postings are potentially forthcoming next month:

  • Mary McCarthy’s 1963 best selling novel, The Group, has been reprinted by Virago Press: I’ve been reading the latest re-views and recently reread the novel, and I have oodles of reflection: who would have thunk it?
  • I finally started using the little Nike/Ipod thingy that tracks my distance and speed when running.  It’s no GPS device, so it’s undoubtedly not entirely accurate, but I’ve got to say that I’m even more motivated to run each morning than even when I was only mildly obsessed pre-Nike/Ipod thingy (note: I actually do not wear Nike running shoes–so this posting will also be a review of the many pouches available to the anti-establishment running shoe wearers). 
  • Amazon has made Kindle software available to PC users: I’ve downloaded a slew of “free” e-books (Alcott, Austen, etc) to test out on my Netbook.
  • The trials, tribulations, and joys of teaching Chopin’s The Awakening in a general ed. survey class where male students outnumber women students (a novel that is on a dream high school reading list that Dr. Crazy has started, but not on very many actual high school reading lists, like Quills, mostly because it’s a beautiful novel about SEX).