Instant Response

Mark Taylor’s op-ed piece in The New York Times yesterday, “End the University As We Know It,” was so infuriating, that bloggers dropped everything to respond to it.  My hard copy (yes, I’m old fashioned that way) is riddled with my notes mostly blasting the little bugger (though with a few concessions: can’t argue with cross disciplinary teaching and scholarship), but so many others beat me to the punch that I’ll simply link to their responses (note that these were the ones published within one day of Taylor’s essay—undoubtedly more will follow over the next few weeks):


·         Taylor’s essay

·         Marc Bousquet’s immediate, ranting, response

·         Michael Bérubé’s popular blog publicizes both of the above and responds in more detail the next day(update)

·         Cranky’s response to both Taylor and Erin O’Connor’s praise

·         Dean Dad’s witty administrator’s response


 UPDATE Wed, April 29th:  Even more on Taylor’s essay, including others who are doing what I’m doing (listing links):