Leaving on a Jet Plane

Well, I wish it were a jet plane, but I fear it may be a propeller plane for at least the first part of my travels to MLA 2011 in Los Angeles.

I’m done complaining about the date change (and yes, I know not everyone is complaining, but at least some others concur) and I’m ready to leave the icy chill of winter and experience the relative warmth of L.A.

Instead of an MLA blog this year, you can follow along with what’s happening via Tweets. And no, you don’t have to enter the Twitter world to follow. Just go to the MLA home page  or to the #MLA11 Daily  to see what’s happening at least amongst the Twitter elite.

Or just read Inside Higher Ed. Or the Chronicle. Though I’ll be curious to see if the change of dates means less media converage: the MLA is no longer going to provide titillating humor for a slow news week not that the world is back on schedule post holiday.

Since I’ll be missing classes while gallivanting in LA, I’ll probably use my free time to say many Hail Mary’s, bury myself in the prep and committee work I would be doing if I were staying home, and attending as many sessions as possible to justify to all my colleagues why I must miss the first week of classes.

Besides, it seems a cab to the beach costs $57.00 and a bus ride can take several hours for the 15 mile trip.

Instead, I believe there are some Starbucks near the Evil Hotel That Still Charges A Ridiculous Price for Wi-Fi, in which I can nurse my non fat chai latte for as long as it takes.

And while I may not be blogging the MLA this year (well, unless I hear/see something really juicy), I certainly will attend all those social media sessions that seem to have taken over the MLA Program Committee this year (you can see a non password protected program here). I’m so looking forward to meeting Roxie’s Typist!

8 responses to “Leaving on a Jet Plane

  1. I’m skipping MLA this year for a change, and not just because LA is too darn expensive. Hope you have a terrific time!

  2. I figured Bev, that your fabulous trip to Florida was a much better choice! (Tho of course I’ll await your blog posting on any other interesting reason?). But since the MLA is so very rarely on the west coast, and I already committed to several things, despite missing classes, here I am (well, almost—one more flight to go).

    I’m sure we’ll meet up again at a future MLA. I’m counting on it.

  3. I did, Ink. The panels (mostly roundtables, without those dull 20 minute papers) I attended were excellent; the free wi-fi was divine; the socializing was just right; and the weather was fabulous. Good times.

    Of course now I’m swamped, so there’s that.

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