8 responses to “Not Quite the Ides of November

  1. I hope NO is taking a one-way trip to Fiji, and can’t blog because the sandy ocean breezes make typing difficult. And salt kills a good laptop every time. So do margaritas.

  2. Yes, Belle, perhaps it’s a trend or the end of a trend, or contagious? I’ve certainly contemplated letting Annie lie fallow (or is it lay fallow?) for a while, especially as I get increasingly distracted by other writing projects (and the usual academia-related stuff).

    I’m just curious about the need to kill off a blog rather than let it just quietly grow mold until the next posting (like Dr. Virago of Quod She did)? I suspect that the bloggers no longer want to even have the urge to check in and see if they are still being “hit” by google or commented upon by fellow bloggers? There must be a clean slate sort of filling to deliberately ending and proclaiming the end of a blog. But those who leave the blog “up” are basically allowing for a return a al Berube? Or, perhaps they just leave it up for posterity’s sake.

    Or are they starting a new blog under a new pseudonym?


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