So You Want a PhD in the Humanities?

This is now floating around the blogosphere (I can’t seem to embed it but here’s the link to XtraNormal and the video:

Like all of their videos, this one is both funny (“You’ve never spoken to me before and you want a reference from me?”) and sad (“You will spend your career defending your career choice to everyone.”). 

Of course, according to this blog posting by Mark Bauerlein, an English major will only make $20K a year less than an entry level Engineer. So there’s that.

3 responses to “So You Want a PhD in the Humanities?

  1. ADORE this! Love the “the only critical thinking students will do is how to lie about you as to why they didn’t do the reading” (or something like that). 😀

  2. I just saw this via Facebook and posted to my blog. I agree: it’s awfully funny and terribly sad. I suppose it depends on which side of the desk you happening to be sitting!

  3. Appreciate the article also as concur. If they really wished to do something to make me personally newer they should give up wasting cash as well instead reduce the costs. BTW our thoughts go out to those in Fukushima Daiichi nuclear we hope you are well as well as comfortable 🙂

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