Painting Identification?

So, does anyone know who did the painting in this 1979 movie, Starting Over (a movie I watched only because a dear friend of mine said it was her FAVE movie–it reminded me that my FAVE movie, with a very, very similar plot et al, When Harry Met Sally, will soon, if not already, feel as horribly dated). I love the woman in bed, with the cat, reading what could even be an ipad…

7 responses to “Painting Identification?

  1. Heh! I remember when Starting Over came out in the theater and I saw it with my mom. Haven’t seen it since. Have seen When Harry Met Sally recently. It too was one of my favorite movies, and made New York so beautiful; but, yeah, now, it is kinda dated.

  2. Ok, I think I got it: I just typed in “woman cat bed book” and filtered only for “clip art” and it comes right up! Is that what you did, Sheila?

    That would certainly put abstract art at a disadvantage, eh?

  3. Yes, I just typed in “Painting woman reading bed cat” and clicked on images. I scrolled down and there it was! Yes, searching for abstract art would definitely be difficult, though I heard that you can search color schemes (haven’t tried it yet).

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