The Academic Job Market

I stumbled upon this series of blog postings giving an overview of The Academic Job Market  by William Wandless a while ago and have yet to read it carefully, but I’m passing it on in case it offers any help to those in the midst of JIL hell.

If you’re in English or languages, the Modern Language Association has a variety of resources here (though, perhaps tellingly, if you want information specific to a career at a Community College, you need to go elsewhere on the MLA website).

Of course positions at smaller colleges and community colleges are generally not listed in the fall-starting JIL (though our hope this year is to actually have jobs announced in December—which would be 2 months earlier than last year’s announcements).  That means I may actually be able to at least post flyers at the January MLA about the position.

Yes, we will be hiring again. The number of students arriving makes that a given.  I’m arguing for two positions, though I suspect we’ll just get one. 

In my neck of the woods, contingent faculty are starting to approach me for references as they, grudgingly in some cases, recognize that despite the faculty line that we’ll most likely get for next year, they may need to leave our little woods if they want a full time position (because, like last year, the 10 or so contingent faculty, some with only 1-year of so-so teaching experience and an MA in education rather than English, will all be competing with the 200+ ABDs, PhDs and/or experienced faculty members who will apply).  One asked me for a reference after introducing hirself to me (I haven’t observed hir teaching nor am I conversant with hir research area, so the request left me a little speechless, and sad).

As a result, I’m working on adding some job seeking tips to the contingent faculty workshops we are offering this year.

Good thoughts are being transmitted from this tiny, nearly invisible corner of the blogsophere to all academic job seekers.

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