Cousin It Doesn’t Live Here

Cousin It. That’s the number one search that brings people to my blog.

They must be quite disappointed.

Clearly, with juggling the course prep and grading, and two conference presentations, the Task Force, and the Assessment workshop I’m leading, and reading a slew of novels as part of our community read selection process, blogging is on hold.

But I’m still reading my blogroll, so thank you for keeping up with the writing, writing that continues to entertain, sustain and teach me.

But on a quick note: I’ve been asked by the Administration to attend a conference in a few weeks, one that will require me to miss a week of classes (and you may recall that I’m on the quarter system, so a week out of a 10 week term).  Missing a week is truly a pain when teaching three classes, especially when the course was constructed without missing that week.  I hemmed and hawed a bit, but finally found some subs for one session of the composition classes, created an e-assignment for the other session of all my classes, and said yes.

Am I unduly conscientious about this, but does anyone else think it odd that the administrators were surprised at my reluctance to miss a week of classes? And would I have hesitated if it were, say, a literature conference in a sunny locale I love rather than a task force conference in a state and a town that holds little interest to me?

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