Chocolate Kindle Cover

It’s beautiful: I received it yesterday, and it’s simply beautiful.

Of course, my actual KINDLE hasn’t arrived yet, but the cover, it’s beautiful.

And tonight I saw a Kindle commercial on tv.  Ha. Funny, right?  I’m in some sort of virtual LINE for a Kindle, a wait list, with no clear shipping date in sight (unless I believe the website’s vague mid-September). 

In more technology-updating news, I’m waiting, patiently, for the new Ipod ITouch that is due out this September according to the rumor mill (and historical trends). I was at an Apple store today and the sale’s geeks all put on their innocent faces and said, What new Ipod Itouch? I know nothing about that! 

Oh, you young men working for Apple: What liars thou art!

Meanwhile, no Kindle, no Touch. I’m in a new-technology desert.

I want a margarita and I want it now: anything, to quench my thirst.  There must be an app for that?

7 responses to “Chocolate Kindle Cover

  1. Alas, it tastes like cold leather, not chocolate, but I’m thinking of buying those chocolate-scented sprays and spraying my new Kindle cover so it at least smells like chocolate!

    Belle: picture added to the post (of the cover, not the licking;-)

  2. Ooooooh, pretty! Are you carrying it around already just because it’s so pretty? I would! Who cares if the Kindle isn’t in there yet. People can still admire your stylishness…

    ps: I LOVE that you quoted Big Chill.

  3. It would be too frustrating to carry it around, Ink! I’m flying to a meeting in a few weeks and I soooooo wanted to have my Kindle by then, too. Blah!

    Of course: the Big Chill has all of life’s important lessons (as does When Harry Met Sally;-)

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