Dear Annie, Sexting Edition

Dear Annie,

Last week, I was introduced, online, to several new colleagues I’ll be meeting once the fall term begins. Since I’m a long-time instructor at the college, and online every day, quick to answer e-mails, a few of these future colleagues, naturally, asked me questions about the students, the library, the town, etc. to which I gladly revealed the good, the bad and the ugly (all with my usual wit and verve).

One future colleague asked for my cell phone number since I had offered to pick him up at the airport when he arrived next week.  And this is where the awkwardness began:

The next day, I received a very, very sexy text (a sext?) message from this future colleague. A long, sexy text, too, which surprised me since I didn’t realize anyone over a certain age could actually read the letters on those damn phones.  I ignored it, realizing it wasn’t addressed to me (the “can’t wait to taste your juices at the BBQ joint” line gave that away–I hate BBQ, and there are no BBQ joints in my humble town).  BUT, an hour later, I received another sexy text, even more explicit than the last.

I was not only getting a series of hot flashes over these messages, I was also feeling a little guilty. So I finally texted the future colleague and told him, politely as possible, that I believe he sent a text message to me by mistake (and I wrote (aka very slowly typed)  it with the equivalent of the little smiley face in my tone to show that there were no hard feelings).

He immediately texted me back and apologized.

I am now very, very intrigued by my new colleague, and can’t wait to meet the man who can craft such sexy texts, but I’m a little worried about the protocol here: When we meet, do I pretend the sexy texts never happened? Do I make a joke about it? What if he is as hot as his sextings?


Hot and Bothered


Dear Hot and Bothered,

My advice: pretend it didn’t happen unless he brings it up, then make light of it.

Oh, and if he is as hot as he sexts, and his juicy sextee doesn’t appear with him, ask him over for some bbq.

Annie Em

9 responses to “Dear Annie, Sexting Edition


    Can someone else pick the horndog up from the airport, like say his flame?

    Nice colleague you got there, nice.

  2. WTF???? Who DOES that? Yikies, Annie. He didn’t even say “Sorry, that was meant for someone else” (even if it wasn’t)?

  3. Actually, Inky, yep, Hot and Bothered informs me that he DID say “Sorry, those texts were for a dear friend of mine.”

    And excellent advice JC: better bring your own “dear friend” with you to the airport, Dear Hot and Bothered!


  4. That’s completely whack. You should locate his new office and find a secret spot to smear some BBQ sauce around just to establish a welcoming odor.

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