Random Bullets of June

  • Trail half marathon completed; time goal not reached; still had fun running in a skirt.
  • Massage appointment scheduled; yoga classes continue.
  • Grades submitted; voice mail updated.
  • Last term’s papers shredded; this term’s papers filed in a box.
  • Summer project files (writing, course prep) packed into backpack; others piled on desk for later pick up.
  • Fun novels (3!) purchased at local bookstore; tea and cookies await me at home.
  • Netflix queue reorganized; comedies and HBO series are moved to the top.
  • Summer clothes moved to front of closet; summer weather not yet in sight, alas.
  • Time to breathe.

10 responses to “Random Bullets of June

  1. Wow! I’m impressed with your organization! It’s like everything has been switched: out with the old and in with the new!

    I just submitted my grades today — high five!!

  2. High Five, Squadratomagico!

    One reason (among many) that it took me until 2 hours before deadline to finally finish grading is because I was planning ahead/fantasizing;-)

    New book so far is a hoot: The Lonely Polygamist by Brady Udall.

  3. If you want some summer, I’ll send you some. We’re back into the low 90s today, full of sun and humidity. Hot hot hot.

  4. We are having a bizarrely cold spring/early summer, so YES, send me some HEAT please–I’d even take humidity at this point. My basil died last night–that’s how cold it got.

  5. You go, girl! Color me impressed.

    What are the three fun books? I’m dying to know. (Is the Udall one the first? I’ve heard good things.)

  6. Yep, Udall’s is the first–so far it’s a hoot. Also reading “Await Your Reply” by Dan Chaon, and rereading Glass Castle!

    And you???

  7. yeah, but did you undercover pee in that skirt? or did you pull a Clark Kent and leap into and out of an emergency phone booth in the woods?

    Want rain? I got rain. You get free Hot-as-Hell with rain. The combo is called Muggy. Sign up sheet in the back. First come, first muggy.

    Re: massages. I got the Slendertone massager from HSN. Best damn thing EVER for my back and shoulders. I take the thing TO WORK with me. Worth every penny.

  8. Hey JC: NO, I did not test the pee thing with the skirt, but really, now that I own the skirt, I can’t imagine why it would be easier to pee in that than in shorts. I did see, as always, the usual crew of boys peeing just one or two feet from the race course, naturally. The women who had to pee? They must have trekked off course somewhere.

    It was a HIGH of 60 today. I’d take rain and 80 at this point: I’m basically desperate to wear some summer clothes.

    Slendertone, check. Has to be cheaping than paying Ross (who is damned good) each week, tho perhaps not quite as good? šŸ˜‰

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