The Eye of The Tiger

A colleague and I have been giggling for weeks over this song.  It came up during a faculty meeting, oddly, and he and I were the only other folks who remembered the Survivor tune created specifically for Rocky III: it seems our other co-workers were either not into popular culture 28 years ago, or under the influence, so to speak, and thus missed the fabulous early 80s.

Since that meeting, my colleague and I have heard this song regularly–almost weekly–on a variety of tv shows, the radio, at his kids’ concert. We call each other up every time we hear it and have a giggle over it.   It’s quite discombobulating.

But, tomorrow is the half marathon I’ve been training for, and that song is going to be on my Ipod’s playlist.  It’s the perfect running song.  So think of me running in my  running skirt, bopping along the 13.1 miles and singing:

It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the cream of the fight
Risin’ up to the challenge of our rival
And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night
And he’s watchin’ us all in the eye of the tiger

Oh, if you missed this song, here ya go:

10 responses to “The Eye of The Tiger

  1. Oh, I remember that one — it was so popular! I’m sorta dying to watch the cheesy video… but I fear this song is an earworm and if I give it a listen I’ll be singing it for the next four days!

  2. You may remember that this was Dr. No’s training-montage soundtrack in the beginning of the herky madness! Excellent choice.

  3. No one else knew this song? That is crazy! I feel like it has been everywhere in the past ten years or so. We used to have it on our warm-up tape for soccer and I know my husband’s family had the “Best of Survivor” cd when he was young (I don’t know if there is any such thing as the best of Survivor, but there you go).

  4. Yes, EA, it IS hard to believe that someone could be ALIVE in the 80s and not hear that song (which is obviously making a comeback of sorts if a local elementary school choir is singing it—has it been on Glee yet???).

  5. Oh you know Sue Sylvester will be doing it next season.

    Ugh, John Stamos was cast. Why. WHY WHY WHY. I guess it could be worse. Kirk Cameron. Screech from Saved by the Bell. Jean Claude van Dam.

  6. Oh, yeah, Sue as the lead in Eye of the Tiger: I can see that! (admittedly from my intermittent viewing of Glee, since it was on the same time as Lost).

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