Let me just say that I’m exhausted.

I rarely stay up till midnight as I did last night, especially on a school night, and I’m terribly, terribly tired right now.


Part of it is the lack of sleep (thanks CATS for demanding that I still wake up at 5:30am).

Then there was the glass of champagne to celebrate the grand finale and the wine to go with the meal during the 2 1/2 hour episode (my plan to gulp big glasses of water between glasses of vino worked well, at first).  On top of that we ate lots of the delicious food that friends made (and that I finished off for lunch today–yum!).

And, there was all of the giggling over the Lost-themed Target commercials:

Was it all worth it?

Socially, yes. For the last few years each Lost night was a big event with friends, food, and philosophical/literary and dishy discussions during commercials, as well as the various screams directed at the television that happened with increasing frequency over the years.

But, really, why end what was so intriguing because it was, in addition to a soap opera, a philosophical science fiction drama as if we were watching, well, Party of Five with Matthew Fox as a much younger savior? What we got was pure soap opera, with only a weird dash of sci fi (embarrassingly echoing, in part,  the endings of Titanic and The Sixth Sense).

Not that I didn’t enjoy the sappy ending: I’ve spent years of my life with these characters and even a literature professor can get all warm and fuzzy at a happy ending, no matter how twisted.  But really: couldn’t we have had a little less of the hugging and kissing, and a little more of the philosophy of Lost?

I’m going to bed early tonight.

6 responses to “Oh So LOST

  1. I was LOST during LOST and I was LOST during Commercials. perfect!

    I didn’t watch the show that often so I was LOST alot anyway. It was nice to see some of the previous characters for the end. Yeah, alot like Sixth Sense, except that I was LOST.

  2. It is sad, Inky, but Clio noted that we still have Mad Men (though I have to wait for that on DVD unless I break down and get cable in August when it returns….). But it’s not quite the same…..

    And JC: I’m impressed you made it thru the finale despite being so Lost and not being a Losty 😉 Feministe.com posted their group discussion of the last episode: I’m going to savor reading it tonight. It might make you less lost, and it will probably make you laugh;-)

  3. The group discussion was awesome. I’ll get the whole shebang on dvd and fill in all my LOST time.

    Like Cara, I literally LOLd at the dog. And nodded when Kate got on that plane without looking back. Kate = Awesome.

  4. I do love the feministe’s group blogging on Lost! I finally finished it tonight: all Jesusy and all! And Kate going all Rambo. Loved it. But they certainly LIKED the final episode a bit more than I did, despite the dog, Vincent (yes, loved him). Did you read this guy yet, JC? (http://neverseenlost.wordpress.com/). He’s a bit full of himself, but there are several memorably funny lines in his take….

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