Summer Reruns

While you semester folks are either finished or nearly finished with the term, I am slogging through week 7 of an 11 week quarter, with those damned miles to go before I, literally, sleep.  So still teaching, still grading, still advising, still committee-meeting, still interviewing candidates (yeah, late, I know, and I have oh so much to say about that—someday), still writing an essay due in 3 weeks, still training for my half marathon (which is the day after graduation—I believe it shall be my annual celebratory big run!).

So, while I’m scanning the blogosphere daily, and commenting when so moved and in between student conferences, this blog will be quiet for a bit. 

Feel free to read some old posts. If WordPress’s stats thingy is correct, the most popular ones are these:

7 responses to “Summer Reruns

  1. I totally hear you on how difficult it is to keep going this time of year. On top of that, I just got called for jury duty, starting *the day* my term ends!

  2. Jury Duty! I figure they have academics tagged to get them as soon as we are done. I’m called, like clockwork, every two years to “serve” in July or August….

    Bring some light and uplifting fiction to read, Squadrato!

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