2006 edition

The latest meme going around, according to Profgrrrl,  who knows all, is to identify your earliest Amazon purchases.

Looks like I started a new account in 2006, because that’s as far back as my history goes.  (Perhaps before then I was dutifully going to the local independent bookstore in town, which closed in 2006, and though another has replaced it, I have obviously made much use of Amazon–and BN and Powells–since then).

My 2006 purchases included:

So what can we conclude about Annie’s reading in 2006? Well, clearly, as chair, she had murder, travel, pain and the apocalypse on the brain (I’ve decided that Little Women must have been for someone else since I own 3 versions of the novel, not one of them the tiny print, mass market kind).  Let that be a warning to her the next time she agrees to be chair.

8 responses to “ 2006 edition

  1. Wow! That was cool. So you inspired me to look up my history. First purchase was in Fall 1998, and it was four books by Judith Butler. Can anyone say “dissertation”? 😉

  2. Four books by Butler! Yep, most definitely dissertation!
    I know I ordered books before 2006, but I must have changed accounts around then. Too bad: I’d love to see what I ordered in the 90s!

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  4. Thanks for visiting, Inky! Four more weeks for me, alas, and obviously a bit, buried. But you got me to do a quicky posting;-)

  5. I love that about the blogosphere: I miss you too when I don’t see a posting in a few days. That sense of community is incredible, isn’t it?

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