Calling All Lost Fans

If you watch Lost, you have GOT to read this blog: it’s side-splittingly funny.

Other bloggers are tad bit more serious about the show, yet still worthy of a read:

And then there is the feminist point of view, including the usual declarations of hotness (Sayid! Sawyer! Anyone BUT Jack!) and misogyny:

  • Feministe (once a week group discussion postings, usually by Thursday)

Then there’s the mother of all Lost websites:

And no, I didn’t spend hours today reading Lost blogs instead of working.  I print them out and cherish them over a glass of wine in the evening.

Added post post:  Wondering what to cook for your Lost parties? Wonder no more. Check out ProfHacker’s latest posting, with recipes!

13 responses to “Calling All Lost Fans

  1. I personally have written in to Lostpedia. I started the whole thread on the meaning of the names “Christian Shepherd” (ya THINK it has any overtones???) and “Black Rock.”

  2. OMG!! Following back from the Lost roundtable at Feministe, I got the Lost bingo cards! Yay! I TiVoed last night’s episode and haven’t watched it yet, so tonite I’m Bingoing my way to Glory! Thanks!

  3. Squadra: I had no idea you were big Lost fan: and yes, the whole literary/biblical/classical/anthropological (I watch it with 3 friends–an anthropologist, a psychologist and a journalist–we have a blast) allusions stuff is the added icing on the cake of watching that show!

    And yes, watch it: it’s the Ricardo episode. I haven’t seen what the feministes have written yet (watching Mad Men, last season, on dvd tonight–good times, such a different diversion)…..Thanks for reminding me about the Lost bingo cards: will go well with the wine next week!

  4. Oooh, it was good! As a medievalist, I absolutely love the weird religio-mythological aspects of it. And yes: the last epi was really good! The actor who plays Richard was pretty impressive.

    But I also have come to enjoy serialized television drama in general, which is much more interesting than most blockbuster films lately. Hollywood went stupid, while the networks went smart. I love Lost, but I also love Dexter & Mad Men; The Tudors was very good at first — still watch it, but it lost some charm recently. United States of Tara is also interesting. I never warmed up to Weeds, though, which many of my friends like.

  5. Yes, Ricardo outdid himself! (And he has a passing resemblance to Captain Jack Sparrow/Johnny Depp in this episode). I thought the episode was, however, disappointingly linear (as was last week’s): I prefer this mix-ups, and the sideways realities. Alas poor Ricardo doesn’t get one of those?

    And I agree: I’ve watched all of those shows—and we are finally watching last season’s Mad Men, which so far is fabulous (Peggy is such an incredible character…I love watching her negotiate that world). I prefer the dramas to the comedies so yes, Weeds is only so-so and Tara is just amusing….I do miss Six Feet Under and Deadwood. There is definitely something about these serials that allow for more character development than a 2 hour movie: and heck, they all obviously keep English majors employed if we go by the episode titles (almost always literary) and literary allusions! (I love that Jacob reads Flannery O’Connor and Sawyer Mice and Men—lots of 20th century lit references in the midst of the medieval and Greek/Egyptian/Roman myths!).

  6. That’s awesome.

    I have only watched one episode of Lost…it was so confusing that I couldn’t keep going. But for some reason, I read EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE about it in magazines (and Entertainment Weekly seems to have a sort of fixation on the show, they’ve printed so many articles on it).

  7. Inky, you probably know as much as any Lostie at this point;) And although I do have a friend who basically skipped season 1 and has been devotedly watching since, most folks DO stop watching after one episode. I did years ago (I actually confused it with Survivor, one of those reality shows)—but then got sucked into it when I heard about all the literary references, rented seasons 1-2, and now plan my week around our Tuesday night dinner parties;)

  8. Alan’s blog posts on Lost are excellent and certainly must be mentioned in any discussion of great places to get Lost online:

    Deadwood, sigh. I don’t think I’ll ever recover from how HBO and Milch (blame on both sides) fucked that up and couldn’t even give us the promised epilogue movies.

  9. Thanks for the link, Oaktown Girl: of course that now adds to my Lost-related reading (thus detracting from other tasks such as grading, writing, etc etc) each week, but what the hell, right?

    So wasn’t last night’s episode one of the best? Non-linear (the previous ones were so boringly linear), with the 2nd tier hotties as the focused and Penny again (not that we got to see her in her full amazonian glory, but still). Loved it.

    And I hear ya on Deadwood: Didn’t they start tearing down the set for that series at the same time I was hearing about the film epilogue?

  10. Annie Em – glad you like the link. You’ll really enjoy browsing those posts at your leisure, doesn’t matter if they are “old” or not.

    As for the hotties, Sayid’s my guy. Not just his looks, but his character is so sexy and so full of heart. I hope we get to see “original” Sayid again before the series ends. The zombie-like resurrected-from-death- Sayid just makes me too sad. (Not to mention it also saps the sexiness factor). And no, I wouldn’t throw Desmond out of bed either, so seeing him back again last night in a really good episode was a double delight. And you can only imagine how stoked I was to see Sayid at the end – even Zombie Sayid.

    I’m getting my Deadwood -related fix these days by watching Timothy Olyphant’s new show Justified, which is pretty good. Actually, very good by (regular) TV standards.Check it out if you haven’t. It’s no Deadwood, but then again, nothing is, nor ever will be. sigh.

  11. That Alan has a serious tv addiction, but what a fun blog! And yes: I have much to catch up on at his blog (his tastes are eclectic for sure).

    Ah, Sayid: My “Lost” dinner companions and I universally are Team-Sayids, though yes, this season is not showing him in any good light. How sad. I’d even take the purple blouse he had on in Season 5 over all-zombie-Sayid shirtless.

    The New Yorker has a review of Justified this week…funny you should mention it!

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