Precious Moments: Valentine’s Edition

  • 1968: Louis gives Annie a diamond shaped CrackerJack Box ring, which Annie keeps for years and years.
  • 1973: Louis, now older, and probably with absolutely no memory of that ring,  touches Annie’s hand while borrowing a pencil in class, giving said Annie her first physical “sensation”.
  • 1981: Annie, after a rousing debate during the famously rowdy Model Congress weekend, attracts Bronx Science boy’s attention for that night, and many others. 
  • 1988: Annie’s boyfriend is working all night, but takes a cab to Queens to leave flowers and candy for both her and her single roommate. Said roommate still slightly in love with said boyfriend. Annie, not so much.
  • 1993: Annie celebrates Valentine’s Day daily with a man named after the “holiday” on which he was born.
  • 2001: Annie and Hubby dance in the rain together and a friendship deepens.
  • 2010: Annie and Hubby go out for a pre-Valentine’s Day pasta, wine and tiramisu dinner only to barely escape being seated next to Hubby’s still bitter after 12 years ex-wife.

3 responses to “Precious Moments: Valentine’s Edition

  1. barely escape? I’m not picturing an Angelina Jolie “out the window with the sheet and trench coat” type exit for the ex-wife.

  2. Ha! Barely escaped because there was an empty table on the other side of the restaurant (the other empty table: next door to the very non-Angelina ex).

  3. I thought I commented on this yesterday. Dang blogosphere ate my note.

    At least I didn’t say my dog ate it, right? 😉

    Anyway, SO MUCH CUTENESS! Loved this post.

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