Who Knew?

As is my annual tradition, I enter the living room during the Super Bowl only during strategic moments: when hubby calls me to watch a funny commercial,  when the half time show begins, and during the last few moments of a close game.

So, this year’s middle aging half time show was performed by The Who, a band that I listened to regularly, if not attentatively, during parties and “other” memorable gatherings with friends.  At first, I feared Roger Daltry was a bit short of breadth, and I just couldn’t get over how much he looked like an accountant, all dressed up to go to the disco and order a Mai Tai.  Townsend looked a little more like a gracefully aging-perhaps still stoner-rock star, but I did notice that he wasn’t always in tune with a few lyrics.

Yet, I thoroughly enjoyed the show, the spectacle, of it all.  How could I not enjoy a concert that was especially meant to tug on my emotional memories, and those of “my generation”–(a song played at least during one commercial so far) ?

Afterward the way too brief half time show, I went to the web to investigate this band I hadn’t thought about in eons, but their official website was so clogged with traffic, I had to make due with Wikipedia.  Then I went to Itunes to download a few songs (the 2010 Annie Em is constantly on the look out for running music, and hey, The Who, who knew?), and the Itunes store, too, was overloaded with folks like me. Their Greatest Hits album is already highlighted as a best seller…

I guess I’m not the only person who is buying music rather than watching The Game (hubby is rooting for the Saints, so that woo-hoo I just heard might be good news for those who like the underdogs?).

23 responses to “Who Knew?

  1. I do believe you are correct.I get to watch and play on the net at the same time.Been more playing than watching so far,might be different if the Packers were playing…..lol..Enjoy your evening.

  2. You, too, catsman! I suppose I could lug the laptop to the living room and share in the thrill with hubby….he’s actually trying to entice me with a glass of wine right now…

  3. Annie, I was worried at first too, but then once they got further into their medley, I thought they sounded SO great. Hubby and I (who saw them in concert a few times and are stalwart fans) were so psyched that Roger was belting it out and that Pete was in fine guitar form.

    But the best part was when the kids started dancing around (I actually whispered to my husband: “OMG, the kids LIKE our music!!”). Did NOT see that coming!

    I bet if you downloaded the whole Best of The Who, you’d love every single song. 😀

    Btw, I’m “watching” like you…coming in for commercials and other points of interest only. LOL. Anyway, enjoy!

  4. Oh, and by “kids” I meant our boys. Our actual children.

    Not being an old fogie saying “Oh, those young kids today” while gesturing with annoyance toward the general populace.

  5. Hi Ink! Yes, I did see that cool touchdown by the Saints’ guy (whose name I missed), now back here trying to look up what that symbol on the Saints uniforms is: it looks like something out of the Crusades? (Clearly this is something many people know, but hubby and I do not).

    Anyway, how fun to see your kids (and I knew what you meant!) dancing to The Who music! I did buy 6 Who songs for my ipod—some are too slow for actual running music (a big criteria)….How fun you saw the Who back in the day (I remember my one and only Stones concert…;-)

    Ok, off in search of symbol analysis…

  6. I’ll just take the role of old curmudgeon and say I thought The Who embarrassed themselves.

    -this message sent from my Jitterbug phone

  7. Dr. No: a Jitterbug phone? What ARE you doing on this sabbatical of your’s?

    Ok, I was sort of embarrassed for Roger at first (looked like he had trouble breathing) but really then I just got into the whole memory lane thing….

  8. Annie, it’s a fleur de lis. I know what it is but I don’t know why it’s their symbol. Something to do with the French influence in New Orleans, though, right?

    And, Dr. No, that’s just how The Who sound live. (Seriously, that’s how they sounded in 1982, when we saw them on their “final” tour. And in the 1990s, when we saw them during one of their many “reunion” tours.) Or were you referring to something other than their sound?

  9. Hi Ink, yep, Fleur de lis: I was able to find something about it being a symbol of New Orleans (makes sense), but I haven’t found confirmation about it being related to the Crusades—-not sure why THAT idea is stuck in my head. I like the symbol though;-)

    I’m guessing Dr. No was appalled by the amount of layers Roger was wearing, hoping to catch a glimpse of those famous abs of his;-)

  10. I think their symbol should be a little halo. Because, you know, saints? 😉

    I was hoping to catch a glimpse of those abs, too. But they’re still on display in _Tommy_. Which is one of the weirdest rock operas ever.

  11. Running music + the Who caught my eye and enjoyed browsing your blog. I also saw the Who many times in concert and really enjoyed seeing them at half-time (I actually enjoyed the game as well!). Was hoping to see Roger twirl the microphone (since heard he has shoulder issues and doesn’t do it anymore), but they still sounded great. As for running music, I’ve been hoping to find a Who song w/ a faster BPM (beats per minute) for running. Best I can find is Substitute at 136 (still a little slow). In anycase, thought I’d share our site if you are ever looking for more running music for your ipod…over 25 hrs of music at http://www.aboldpace.com

  12. Just to add some nerdality. I think New Orleans uses the Fleur de Lis as a nod back to its historical relationship with France, which had used a gold Fleur de Lis on a blue background as a royal symbol since… the 12th century or so?

    The lily is also associated with Mary (the Blessed Virgin Mary), so the French connection and the Mary connection made it a big symbol in the European middle ages, including the crusades and such.

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