And the Nominees Are…

Most Amusing Student E-mail THIS Week:

“Dear Annie:  Today my roommate got into a snowboarding accident and doesn’t drive, I was his only ride to the hospital, which lead to me missing our last two classes. What did we turn in today? And I was hoping I could e-mail you the work.. Thank you!”

4 responses to “And the Nominees Are…

  1. I nominate “I get stu emails” as a weekly LOL feature!

    And I nominate a formal review system. Snowboards on a scale of 5.

    So, this one gets 3 snowboards. It lacks whine and death, but probably does have a face plant or broken wrists, just not to the emailer.

  2. Oh, excellent idea, JC, and so true: this is not one of the whiney emails, it’s just so amusing in it’s partial truthiness, partial wtf….

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