Where No Annie Has Gone Before

So, I go on the first long weekend of my 20-year academic career, rush home on this MLK celebratory day to do a phone interview with someone on the other side of the world on my now-ancient dissertation topic on which I may be one of the few living experts (it was a fabulous interview/conversation, and more on that another day), start three loads of laundry, open the wine, and finally respond to Inktopia, one of my bloggy peeps, who gave me a homework assignment that I think she wanted me to complete on my long weekend, but alas, she had to wait.

So here goes the Seven Things I Haven’t Said on This Here Blog:

  1. I twirled the baton in elementary school, and the rifle in the “color guard” in the high school marching band. For those not in the know, that means very short skirts, and quite the sexy arms.
  2. Yet, I tried to get a position playing the drums for the marching band, but was turned down because, get this, the drums were just too heavy for a girl like me, despite the strong, sexy arms. Sigh. This was 1976, ladies: read it and weep.
  3. I’m the first member of my family to complete a B.A. (one uncle, a cousin, and my brother earned A.A’s). My niece and nephew are on track to be the 2nd, and 3rd. Needless to say it’s a bit difficult to explain what I DO for a living during family gatherings; yet, my family includes vet assistants, bookkeepers, machinists, hair dressers, cooks, firemen, computer techs and at least one mobster. 
  4. I named my first cat after Holden Caulfield’s little sister, Phoebe.
  5. I once lived with a man who looked and sounded like James Spader, circa Sex, Lies and Videotapes and Crash (the sex/car crash movie, not the L.A. one). I loved him. But he had issues.
  6. I do not like to cook. Yes, I teach a class in food fiction, and I love to eat (there are not many foods I will not eat), but cooking? No. Never liked it, never will. I have not so fond memories of my poor mother, herself a reluctant cook, fighting with whatever meal she forced herself to make that night, and demanding that I learn to make a pot roast.  Yes, I remember now. That’s one food I do not like: pot roast.
  7. I painted the walls of nearly every room in the house we bought over 5 years ago: one room is Tuscan yellow, another is a pale yellow; another is a light blue, and two are peach.  But I have never figured out what color to paint the hallway connecting all of those rooms: any advice?

If you’re reading this and haven’t been tagged by someone else in our nearly incestuous little bloggy world, consider yourself invited to play.

12 responses to “Where No Annie Has Gone Before

  1. No advice on the hallway. When I finally bought I house, I did the same thing: years of off-white walls in rented apartments made me long for color, and I painted every room a different color: red, yellow, blue, green, etc. The *only* off-white area is the hallway!

    Think of it as a palate-cleanser in a fine meal: it sets you back to neutral as you move between spaces. Only it’s a palette cleanser!

  2. i was a majorette too! it was a bonus to catch the thing, double bonus to not hit anyone with it. short skirts is right… i had a leotard for parades. ugh.

    your place sounds so cheery, i don’t think i’d notice the hallways being white.

  3. Squadro: good point. It’s a rather boring off-white hallway, and yes, I like the palate-cleanser idea. Alas, it is in need of at least a touch up, and I have splashes of peach and beige on it trying to test other colors, so it really must be painted. We’re in one of those 1960s ranch houses, so the hallway is quite dark and dingy…

    JC: A majorette! Yes, that’s the term. And I remember the leotards and the “lollypop” underwear and the go-go sort of boots. Really, where was my feminist consciousness then? 😉 But I loved it all, the parades, the competitions (I grew up in a world with an annual regional competition of color guards/marching bands that was televised–and still is).

    I can still hear “Malaguana” (sp?) and “We Are the Champions” in my dreams….

  4. OMG those awful clinky boots with the tassels! “the lion sleeps tonight” and “louie louie” were my band’s big hit. i want a brain eraser.

  5. What a great list! Can’t believe they didn’t let you play drums! You could have been, like, the best drummer ever! (Though I love that you twirled baton…so did my Mom. I find that extremely glamorous.)

    Mmmpf: JC, you said “leotard”! That word always makes me laugh.

  6. Here ya go, JC: one brain eraser;-)

    And yes, Inky, I was VERY glamorous in my little red skirt, and white body suit designed for a woman with breasts but all bunched up on my little girl’s chest. My mother has a framed picture of me in that outfit in her living room. Sigh.

  7. OOOOOOhhh! I twirled the baton in elementary school, too! But I was a cheerleader in high school. Close enough, right?! And I also named a cat after a character in a book (Milkman from Morrison’s Song of Solomon); but he died quickly and sadly.

    Cool list!

  8. Poor Milkman, but what a great name. Phoebe, too, died young of breast cancer of all things.

    A cheerleader! Wow, you were one of the cool girls in short skirts!

  9. Why did they make you wear a bunchy unitard? As if just having to wear a leotard isn’t enough…

    I was a cheerleader, too, in junior high. We used to cheer in blouses. You know, the kind that buttoned up, with collars. Under the vest with the letter on it. That boggles my mind. Friggin’ blouses!!!

  10. Please, I beg of you: a baton twirler/rife guard picture must be posted! All these tantalizing descriptions and no picture???

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