Snowshoeing to the MLA

Christmas day was fabulous this year: the skies were cloudy in town, but up in the mountains the sun was shining and it felt nearly spring-like.  We snowshoed in the sunshine on relatively empty trails.  We brought hot cocoa mixed with some whisky, oranges, trail mix, peanut butter sandwiches and water, and we picnicked in a meadow in the sunshine.  A truly beautiful way to spend Christmas day.

And yes: my snowshoes are pink.

But then it was time to pack for the big trip to the BIG LIT convention.

Let’s just say I’m NOT a good packer:  it takes me hours. I know how to squeeze clothes into zip lock baggies, kneeling on them to get all the air out, allowing me to cram even more into my carry on.  And I’ve figured out that I really don’t need to bring 4 novels with me (there is usually a movie I want to watch). But it’s still a challenge for me to pack: to choose what to bring, and then to actually fit it all in.

As always, the toughest decisions are:

  • pack clothes for warmth (as always, it’s going to be damned cold in Philly) or looks?
  • bring fun novels and magazines or work-related readings?
  • exactly how much food will I need to pack for what is usually a 10+ hour trip door to door?
  • stow an extra bag for the exhibit hall goodies or not?

I have packed the netbook, so the plan is to post a few chatty bloggings about the convention, the last one being held immediately after Christmas. (Next year’s January 2011 Los Angeles site should be so much warmer than the usual locales.)  

I won’t be competing with the Executive Director’s blog or the usual fine reporting from Inside Higher Ed or The Chronicle, so if you want more variety (and actual depth) in your MLA Convention reporting, check them out.  And some of my fellow literary/language bloggers will also be reporting/blogging (and I hope to meet some of you all soon).

With  luck, this little incident won’t make travel over the next few days too much more painful than usual.

Happy travels to those of you headed to Philadelphia (or elsewhere)!

One response to “Snowshoeing to the MLA

  1. 1. Glad your holiday was fab!!
    2. Pink shoeshoes are very chic.
    3. The snoeshow trek sounds amazing.
    4. Good luck packing (and don’t bring any work stuff: just pleasure reading! Going the conference itself counts as work, so your reading should be fun.)
    5. Have a great conference…and we’re looking forward to hearing about everything.

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