Hey Ya: Guess Who’s Done Grading?

Me, baby!

To treat myself, I went running along the river, singing this song  (yep, all of it) at the top of my lungs….

8 responses to “Hey Ya: Guess Who’s Done Grading?


    Now, since you’re free, how would you like to grade some of MY papers? 😀

  2. Wow, kind offer, Inky, but I’m all graded out! (tho I still have a few grad students submitting thesis drafts for review, so I’m not entirely done evaluating and commenting).

    Of course I now need to prep, since my 3- weeks “off” includes nearly a week of travelling and a week of shopping and cleaning….

    So no MLA for you this year??? Next year it’s in LA—la la la!

  3. Aw, are you sure? Ok. I’ll finish them myself. 🙂

    No MLA pour moi this year, no. Are you presenting? I feel like you said you were working on JCO for that, yes? Or was that for another proj? Anyway, best wishes and hope it’s a blast!

    LA next year? I am feeling an abstract coming on…

  4. I’m just moderating, not presenting (whew!), and no JCO is for publication (draft submitted, check!).

    But yes, please go to LA next year: that’s on my side of the country and I’ll definitely be there (and I have an abstract brewing in my head for that—something on food fiction??).

  5. Yes, we do end a bit earlier than some, but think of me in mid JUNE, grading finals. Yes, the quarter system is lovely fall term (we start late Sept, end early Dec) but truly sucks the rest of the year (early Jan thru late March, then late March through mid-June).

    And now they’ve gone and made summer term our “4th” quarter–a full length quarter (rather than the abbreviated term we used to have). We are all sort of wondering who they think will be teaching then (or chairing, since chairs are “off” in the summer).

    But you raise a good point: I tend to blog more when I’m most busy. What’s with that?

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