6 responses to “Friday Funny: Buffy Does Edward Cullen (In)

  1. Two of my colleagues have used this clip in classes this week, thus it’s quite popular on our campus:

    1. A faculty member who teaches a class on folklore and vampires.
    2. A faculty member who was doing a lecture on stalking for her violence class (and she is a loud proponent of Buffy, hates Bella).

  2. Well that is just about the best thing ever. Buffy continues to kick ass — and Edward definitely needs his (gorgeous — I admit it) ass kicked.

  3. Yes, gorgeous (did you hear the funny bit on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me about the new movie where young folks from two competing modeling agencies duke it out in the forest?;-)

    My step daughter came by this weekend, talking all about Team Jacob vs. Team Edward (something I vaguely heard about before but it didn’t register). I’m more Team Jacob. He’s a little less stalkerish and I think even Buffy would prefer to play with him than kill him.

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