Shaken, not all stirred up

It’s one of those weeks in academia:

  • schedules for 2010-11 are due
  • book orders for next quarter are due
  • essays need to graded and returned
  • that essay I promised to write a few months ago is due
  • references still need to be written
  • requests for sabbaticals are due shortly
  • students’ grandmothers are dying left and right
  • H1N1 has taken over our town
  • colleagues are walking around sleeplessly and no one has cleaned the office coffee pot in days
  • I’m watching Dexter to relax at night, and, despite that, I had a nightmare about something even weirder: Sarah Palin was chasing me
  • did I or did I not buy my plane tickets for the MLA?
  • and the house is a wreck and not at all ready for Turkey day

Luckily, NPR has an app for all of that: a ginger martini recipe.


2 responses to “Shaken, not all stirred up

  1. Don’t worry about Palin. If you want to fend her off, just ask her a simple question like “What’s your favorite adjective?” She will be instantly paralyzed.

  2. Love it, Mami wata!

    She may be flumoxed by adjectives, but damn, she looks hot in those running shorts for a woman my age (ok, yes, my birthday is coming up and I’m not feeling so great about the increasing numbers….but that’s another posting…).

    FYI: I run, I wear running shorts, but certainly not Daisy May running shorts. I’m curious why Newsweek kept up the airbrushed legs?

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