I Ran Like Hell

Despite the injury I’ve been recovering from; despite running a 5K earlier in the morning as part of my weekly group training; despite being dressed up in an apron and donning red braids and a plastic cap, I ran like hell on Halloween during a local 5K race: 27:46.

[Serious runners, please stop laughing. Everyone else, bow in awe.]

Since it was a fun run, I also placed higher than I ever will again: 2nd in my age group (and in my town, mine is quite the competitive age group), 41st overall (out of 150+ runners).

Not bad for an old hag!

[Correction Nov 11, 2009: It seems I HAVE run a faster 5K recently: s recently as June I ran a  26:06 3.1 mile race.  Great. Now THAT’S my goal for the turkeyday run.]

7 responses to “I Ran Like Hell

  1. Not quite deer like or jet fueled propelled, but damned fast for me nonetheless.

    Of course NOW I have to try to beat that time for the Thanksgiving 5K.

    Who said academics aren’t competitive?

  2. Have to tell you: ever since I read your post, I’ve had Flock of Seagulls stuck in my head. (“And I raaaaaaan, I ran so far away”!)

    Which is strange, as there is a Pink Floyd song called “Run Like Hell” or something, but that’s not the voice stuck in my head.

    Just the guy with the green New Wave roostertail combover. Sigh.

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