So, Now What?

I’m far far away from home tonight, enjoying the big city (aka home city)  vibes, despite fighting whatever bug is bugging me and wondering…

  • What did happen with Sal and Peggy? (I was hoping for Mad Men reruns on my hotel cable tv, but no, alas, none).
  • Why DOES seafood taste so much better when you know it’s fresh than bused in from the coast?
  • How does one worry about one’s cat’s peeing when one is trying to focus on BIG professional issues?
  • What does one say to a high school friend one hasn’t seen in nearly 20 years (tomorrow’s night’s saga)?
  • How does one turn it all off?

6 responses to “So, Now What?

  1. Will be taking a stab at this for you… 🙂
    –Haven’t watched the last few Mad Mens (they’re DVRed and I’ve not had a chance to get to them yet) but as soon as I catch up, I’ll spill it!
    –Yum, fresh seafood. Hope it was lobster.
    –Check in with your sweetie and see how the cat is doing. Then let it go while you’re gone and let yourself focus on the business at hand. He will take care of Joey!
    –“You look great! So good to see you! Tell me everything you’ve been up to…” Then you get to listen first and get your bearings…
    –Wine. Or wine and a cheesy movie. Definitely sleep. Aided by wine.

    Have fun, dear Annie!

  2. Thank you Inky! However I do believe my problem last night was too MUCH wine (escargot and scallops for dinner, fyi). Which means abstaining during the big reunion tonight (so I can be prepared for a day with mom on Saturday).

    Which reminds me: I told a student in the writing lab the other day that he should go “which” hunting in his essay (an otherwise well written essay marred by too many sentences using Which–repetition more than misuse). The voice of some English teacher past sounded in my head at that moment!

  3. Despite lingering fatigue from whatever bug I’m fighting, I’m enjoying! Going out in a bit for dinner with an old friend.

    And, hubby says Joey is doing beautifully–back to his old self.

    It’s all good!

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