Forgive me for a non-Friday cat-related posting, but my poor cat, Joey, is at the vet’s tonight because he refuses to pee.  Crystals in the urine, the vet says.  Hubby is as upset as I am–he had to leave the poor kitty there in a cage and that moved him more than he thought it would.  You see, Joey is the kitty who showed up at our house on the day we were married over 7 years ago: he has much sentimental value, in addition to being a hoot as a cat.

We get to pick him up in the morning after he pees, IF he pees.

And I am rushing to get the usual stuff done before flying on Wednesday in the dawn’s early light to another city far, far, away for a 2-day meeting (and 2 days of seeing friends/family). I still need to finish grading essays, teach 2 classes tomorrow, meet with my chair about a thing, meet with some students during office hours, check the weather in this city, and figure out how to pack for 4 days in one carry on.

I’m surprisingly not nearly as stressed as I usually am about such things, which means my stress level is only slightly frantic. Must be that left over cognac.

6 responses to “Crystals

  1. Good luck to Joey in his Quest for Pee!
    Feralcat has had this problem several times in the past, to the point of requiring enemas. It is NOT a fun thing to retrieve a feral cat from a VET who has put a tube in his whizzer, lemme tell you. But if worst comes to worst, that’s what they’ll do to unblock him.

  2. Thank you, Squad: I actually feel better knowing that there’s something that can be DONE if he does get blocked.

    We picked him up from the vet this morning (after paying a lot of money) since he did, in fact, pee last night. But of course now we have to watch him to make sure he doesn’t get blocked, and he’s on a special diet, and I’m leaving town for 5 days leaving hubby to take care of everything (not that he can’t but he is a bit stressed about the whole thing, too).

    The vet is quite concerned about what we’ve been feeding him, leading me to suggest that I didn’t appreciate getting BLAMED for this. That issue is a whole posting rant right there.

    But thanks for good wishes. I’ll pass them on to poor Joe.

  3. One of my cats has had the same problem — and I’ve received the same scolding from my vet about diet. In his case, they’ve often hooked him up to a saline drip to essentially hydrate him so much that it’ll help him “pass” the crystals (poor little guy).

    Hope Joey keeps feeling better.

  4. Thanks, BS girl! The scolding! That was just so uncalled for when we were obviously upset already. Blah. I don’t get vets.
    Anyway, Joey seems to be eating the prescription canned food and peeing just fine (without the saline, thank goodness). I, of course, am 1000s of miles away (such good timing) in a hotel room, getting sicker (fever, headache, etc) by the second (such good timing). I wish I were home in bed with Joe;-(

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