News Flash

Annie Em won a prize (a pie!) for best costume at the 1960s party: she was wearing a delightful black and white Jackie O dress (with hair flipped, pearls dripping,  big sunglasses on, hand purse carried in long sleeved gloved hands).

Now how does one get the hairspray out of one’s hair?

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9 responses to “News Flash

  1. Congrats! And about that hairspray–get it out the 1960s way: you wait until the end of the week and get the hairdresser to wash it out for you just before she sets, dries, and sprays your hair into an impermeable helmet for the next week.

  2. I’ve been thinking about your hairspray dilemma…how about go into a community swimming pool? Then the chlorine should eat away at the lacquer enough that you should be able to easily wash it out. 😉

    Thanks for the cake! Yum!

  3. Several folks last night waxed (!) nostalgically over the old beauty parlor weekly routine (there were many women of a certain age at this gathering–one told me that the cool thing when she was young in the early 60s was to wear rings OVER their gloves–I quickly put my one ring over a gloved finger–because, hey, I still want to be cool).

    Luckily, my hairspray is either too old to truly stick, or so green that it’s water soluble, so it came out easily in the shower this morning (though I will be washing the sheets).

    The cake: rich chocolate fudge pie in an old fashioned butter crust. It’s beyond decadent, so yes, please consider yourselves invited to help me indulge.

    Pics, huh? That would mean taking off my anonymity cloak, Bev, which you have so bravely done already(on top of layers of bravery)yet I have not. How about this: I’ll treat you (and anyone else who meets us) to pie and/or your beverage of choice in Philadelphia in December? (That is, if United actually lets me get there: they’ve changed my flights several times already).

  4. Pictures please! Aren’t there any of you with those dark shades on, so we can’t see your real identity?

    Pretty please!

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