A Weekend of Firsts

Annie Em’s first…

  • Half marathon: 2 hours, 8 minutes, 15 seconds (on a forest trail, with many, many rocks, and a few mud puddles).
  • Pure Romance party. And no, I didn’t buy anything.
  • Graduation ceremony in which the number of graduating students from her once a year online class outnumbered those in all of her 11 live classes combined (and yes, I’m still grading those online final essays).
  • E-mail from NPR asking me to develop the Three Books posting into an essay.

8 responses to “A Weekend of Firsts

  1. Thanks Ink, Bardiac and Dr. No….

    I’m struggling getting down to 500 words for NPR (I’m so damned wordy!), and yes, I am so “kicking ass” in this very non-intellectual, non-verbal physical world I’ve entered: I’m doing another half marathon next weekend and hope to beat last weekend’s time (the free beer garden at the end of the race is always a big enticement).

  2. Hey Annie Em, if you want an outside read for revisiony purposes on the NPR piece, please feel free to email it to me.

  3. That’s soooooo kind, Inky! But hey, let’s say if I’m still editing words by Monday morning, I’m sending it to you;-)

    Right now, I’m making ole hubby go thru it once more (I just need to cut 50 more words and, oh, yeah, make it wittier;-(

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