Church Tweets

Since the ½ marathon training runs are on Sunday mornings, I’ll be skipping Sunday services at church for a while. But never fear: as I’ve noted before, my pastor posts his tweets on Facebook, so I at least get a hint about the sermon ideas he’s pondering, and, even better, I get links to songs that reflect his moods, beliefs, daily life.

One of our church Elders, who is also on Facebook, shared the following story, “Twittering in Church With the Pastor’s Encouragement” by Bonnie Rochman.  Some pastors encourage attendees to twitter during sermons, with the tweets sometimes visible on the big screen.  As the article notes:

As expected, banter flourished. Tweets like “Nice shirt JVo” and “So glad they are doing Lenny Kravitz” flashed across three large video screens. But there was heartfelt stuff, too.

“I have a hard time recognizing God in the middle of everything.”

“The more I press in to Him, the more He presses me out to be useful”

“sometimes healing is painful”

As bizarre as that sounds, though, I’m all for anything that gets some mainline Protestant congregations more actively engaged in worship.  I suppose it’s not unlike the “clickers” used in large lecture classes.  Heck, I’d try it (though I wonder if the IPhone I’d need to buy is then tax-exempt?).

6 responses to “Church Tweets

  1. Thank you, Ink! It’s quite fun and addicting, too. The running community in this town is “tight” but not unfriendly–with luck, I’ll actually learn someone else’s name this Sunday (Last Sunday, a woman named Melissa kept me company for most of the run, telling me about the trail and how much further we had. I didn’t have a watch (need one!) or any clue about this trail in the middle of the forest, so that it was great she ran as slowly as I do;-)

  2. Oh what a hoot: I would think there are some snarky folks in some of those churches posting tweets about such things as poor Annie Em’s missing thong!

  3. And I think Dr. No should bedazzle your next marathon outfit, too, so that you’ll make a sparkly comet as you whip past at the speed of light!

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