MLA Convention in San Francisco: Saturday

It’s almost like being on vacation, of course, since I’m in a hotel (one with supposedly the most comfortable beds in town—which means a very high, thick mattress and pillows so fluffy that my neck hurts), I’m in a “big” city with lots of other tourists in the most touristy part of the city (but oh, I do love walking even in the touristy parts of cities on a relatively balmy winter evening), and I eat every meal “out”.  This morning: breakfast on Mason St (pumpkin crepes—really, quite good, though not very satisfying—I was hungry an hour later). 

Touristy things: walked to Grace Cathedral (a wonderful site) and strolling the streets from there back to Union Square. 

This evening: dinner at Santorini’s, a Greek cafe with a charming belly dancer who entertained the mostly MLA crowd: the most entranced audience member, though, was a youngish girl, about aged 2, whose eyes followed the dancer around the restaurant in awe. (The dancer, recognizing a true fan, did give her a private show eventually).

The MLA convention itself started today with workshops and sessions starting this afternoon.  The Hilton is one of the usual multi-level confusing monsters of a hotel, but I eventually found my way to the book exhibit ballroom only to discover (not having read my materials carefully) that it doesn’t open till tomorrow.

Did enjoy the workshop I attended, however, and chatting with friends and colleagues.  The MLA with no interviews to go through or papers to give can be quite enjoyable!

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