Merry Christmas: All is Quiet in the Blogosphere

  • Bloggers do log off during the holidays, it seems —I wonder how many are “encouraged” to by family, friends, and significant others?

  • It’s snowing again today: I’m so sorry I wished for a white Christmas back in 1979 or whatever—can I take it back?

  • Related to #2, the MLA begins on Saturday and we fly out on Friday—I hope. I haven’t been to San Francisco in years…

  • I’ve finished Christmas shopping, though of course neglected a few people who bought me gifts. Is there a word for such a faux pas?

  • I’m still prepping courses for winter quarter that begins so early on January 5th: after 20 years of teaching will this be the first when I do not have a detailed weekly syllabus? I’m almost curious to try it to see what happens….

  • I’ve started reading, finally, Jhumpa Lahiri’s Unaccustomed Earth:  the first story is so beautiful—I felt the same emotions reading her first collection of stories.

  • Christmas Eve plans:  gift exchange and a wee nip of the grappa that Santa bought. Oh, and probably shoveling some snow.

  • Christmas day plans: brunch with family and friends. And definitely shoveling more snow.

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