Birthday Blogging

Today is my birthday, a day, traditionally, of reflection. Yet, I really am too busy with assorted stuff today to reflect, and truly just want to enjoy the queen-for-a-day feeling that birthdays often provide.

Yes, it’s also World AIDS day, a serious day of reflection (and grief, anger, sadness), and Cyber Monday (an annoying day, especially as my in box fills up with e-mails begging me to purchase books, boots, and other baggage). 

But it’s my birthday and I’m enjoying the small attentions–both in person and electronically.  I’ve received birthday wishes from anonymous companies such as Amazon, Facebook, E-Cards, and a variety of local stores.  And, naturally, I’ve received e-cards and good wishes from friends all over the country.  Although I love receiving “real” cards (there are two sitting on my desk right now–one with Snoopy and another with elegantly drawn cats), the e-cards are often very, very funny. One I just got was a Jib Jab-ian strip tease: I nearly choked on my lunch watching that one (and had to quickly close my office door–even a cartoon strip tease could offend, according to the Sexual Harrassment Training and Quiz I was forced to complete online last week). 

Hmmm….I’m thinking of what I hope are decadent and assorted cupcakes awaiting me later today.

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