The First Mixed Up Blog Posting

I currently subscribe to 15 blogs which may not seem like a lot to most bloggers, but to me it is. Each morning I check for updates, and there are usually updates to 4 or so. These I read, sometimes carefully, sometimes not,  noting to myself (and sometimes in writing) interesting links and ideas. Then I scan the comments: and while most of the blogs I read have few comments, the ones that do can have anywhere from 10 to 100 comments by the end of the day. 

Damned time consuming these blogs.

But it got me thinking about creating my own blog about nothing (someone beat me to that name) or a blog about blogs that I read.  Like today I read a blog posting about someone else’s blog posting about reading blogs by people we don’t know.  The blogger claims that reading blogs written by people we don’t know is similar to stalking!  Well, if that’s the case then I am a serious stalker, because half of the blogs I read are by people I don’t know.  And it’s truly weird, even though I’m a reader, that yes it’s true: read enough of someone’s blog and you become a bit TOO interested in their daily life, especially when said blogger is a lively and entertaining writer.  This connection that develops, even if it’s entirely one way (since I rarely comment myself: I prefer to lurk), fascinates me.  That, perhaps, is the main purpose of this blog: to delve into that connection.

But of course I read more than blogs. I read magazines (the usual literary “elitist” magazines and a few weekly news magazines), plus my local newspaper, and assorted websites.  I also read books, mostly fiction, but I read a lot of it.  So I’ll probably write about everything I read, eventually.

But I have a life–I’m quite busy. I should be working on a presentation I am giving in a few weeks, in fact (yes, I write and talk for a living–so WTF am I doing here?).  Yes, in order to establish that connection with a community of strangers, a blogger must post regularly to meet their daily “fix”.  Alas, I won’t be able to appeal in that way. To complicate matters,  I’m keeping the blog semi anonymous, so I won’t seek out friends to at least start giving me immediate feedback for my efforts.  (Though who knows? I may change my mind about that.)   I’m curious about those bloggers (and I subscribe to several of them) who are able to publish nearly daily: do they give up sleep? sex? tv? 

For now, I’ll just see how it goes.  This may be like those little diaries with the keys I had growing up. I saved them all (there are 4): 2 are pretty well used up, but the other 2 are half empty, discarded by mid-year (they were all obviously Christmas presents since the first entry is Dec. 25th).  Perhaps by starting on Nov. 22nd (an auspicious date for those old enough to remember) I’m breaking that cycle?

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